Data Center Physical Access Policy

Data Center Physical Access Policy

Terms and Conditions

As a service, the standard Data Center Access and Security Policy is provided below.

1. WOWAccess and Customer Responsibility.

WOWaccess is responsible for ensuring that all resources under its control remain physically secure. The WOWaccess maintains this access policy to provide a framework for Customers to follow for physical security and access to WOWaccess facilities and to instruct Customers on the procedures and policies that WOWaccess staff and technicians follow. Undersigned agrees to adhere to all posted notices or changes to protocol that the WOWaccess makes the Undersigned aware of during its visits to WOWaccess facilities.

2. Data Center “Habits and Hygiene.”

Access into WOWaccess facilities requires adherence to the following protocols and restrictions on dangerous materials (“dangerous materials”): No smoking or chewing tobacco is allowed. No combustible materials may be brought into the data center, including lighters, hand-warmers, mace, tear gas, aerosol cans, or compressed air. No eating or drinking is allowed in the data center No drugs or alcohol are permitted in the data center. No weapons or firearms are allowed in the data center. No external fire suppression devices are allowed. All work-related materials must be cleaned up before leaving. All work-related trash or garbage must be disposed of properly. No illegal activity of any kind is permitted.

3. Access Keycards and Identification.

WOWaccess will issue identification badges and access keycards to Undersigned and Undersigned’s designated agent(s). WOWaccess shall maintain a list of all authorized personnel issued such access and at no time shall identification badges or access keycards transfer between any other employee or other agent of the Undersigned without pre-approved, written permission from WOWaccess. If at any time WOWaccess becomes aware that an access badge has been transferred in violation of this policy, revocation of access to the Data Center and contracted space(s) may occur.

4. Data Center Access Procedures.

Access to the WOWaccess Data Center is gained through the Data Center welcome room <> and requires that all Customers sign in with a valid signature for a WOWaccess staff member to grant them access. Customers wishing access must have their identification badge and access keycard available for inspection. Undersigned or Undersigned’s Agent will sign in and provide the time of entry to the Data Center and the purpose for their visit.

Exit from the Data Center requires that Undersigned or Undersigned’s agents sign out with a valid signature for each Undersigned or Undersigned’s Agent wishing to leave. At no time will a WOWaccess staff member be authorized to allow exit without each Undersigned or Undersigned’s Agent properly signing out from the Data Center. If at any time an Undersigned or Undersigned’s agent is allowed by a staff member to exit, the Undersigned or Undersigned’s Agent should immediately demand to sign out of the Data Center and/or ask to see a WOWaccess supervisor.

Failure to adhere to the sign-in and sign-out procedures could result in revocation of access to the space.

5. Data Center Access Types.

For our customers’ convenience, the WOWaccess maintains several types of access to the Data Center.

Access levels include:

5.1 Unrestricted Access to All Contracted Space(s)
5.2 Restricted Access to Specific Contracted Space(s)
5.3 Escorted Access to Contracted Space(s)

The level of access shall be determined and maintained by the WOWaccess and Customer according to the Specifications of the Data Center Contract or Co-location Contract between WOWaccess and Customer.

6. Emergency Access by Personnel Not Currently on Access Lists.

Access by Undersigned or Undersigned’s Agents not currently on any access lists may be granted only by the WOWaccess Data Center supervisor and shall be governed according to the Specifications of the Data Center Contract or Co-location Contract between WOWaccess and Customer. Access to the Data Center under this condition shall be noted as an “emergency access” in the Data Center security logs. Any inappropriate use of "emergency access” may result in access being immediately denied and the requesting Undersigned or Undersigned’s Agent being ejected from the Data Center and/or Customer’s “emergency access” privileges revoked.

7. Modification of Agreement.

WOWaccess reserves the right to add, modify, or delete any provision of this Agreement at any time and without notice. WOWaccess reserves the right to restrict any access right at any time, whether a violation of this agreement occurs or not. WOWaccess reserves the exclusive right and will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of any of these provisions.

8. Potentially Tortuous or Illegal Conduct.

The following shall be construed as violations of this Agreement and may result in suspension or deletion of a Customer’s account or in termination of this Agreement.

a) Falsifying any information provided to WOWaccess or to other staff members in connection with access to the data center or the use of a WOWaccess facility, product, or service.

b) Allowing access to any restricted area(s) by individual(s) or allowing individuals to gain access to any restricted areas as defined in the Specifications of the Data Center Contract or Co-location Contract between WOWaccess and Customer.

c) Allowing any dangerous or restricted materials inside the data center or WOWaccess facilities at any time.

9. Data Center System and Network Security.

Violations of Data Center system or network security are strictly prohibited, and may result in criminal or civil liability. Examples include but are not limited to: allowing unauthorized access to data center; use of any WOWaccess product or service that Customer does not have permission to use; use of any equipment, hardware, connections or other materials that Customer does not have permission to use; disruption or interference with the connectivity and access or otherwise impeding other Customers’ use of the WOWaccess Data Center, products, or services.

10. Consequences of Violation.

If WOWaccess becomes aware of an alleged violation of any of the terms contained in this Agreement, or any other policy that has been posted on its web site, made available to Customer via email, or posted in any other form, WOWaccess shall initiate an investigation. During the investigation, WOWaccess may restrict Customer’s access to the Data Center or other WOWAccess products and services to prevent further possible unauthorized activity. WOWaccess may, at its sole discretion, restrict, suspend, or terminate Customer's account without notice or refund, or pursue civil remedies as it deems necessary. WOWaccess shall notify the appropriate law enforcement department of any such violations. WOWaccess shall not be responsible for any payment, refunds, or compensation in any way for service disruptions or termination resulting from violations of this Agreement.

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